HTL Strefa

Why work for HTL-STREFA?

HTL-STREFA is the world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of single-use medical devices. As an organization with a world-wide presence, we can offer career opportunities in the industry, based on our expertise, best practices and the experience that we have gathered in the past 20 years of operating in dynamically changing environments. We employ a continual improvement strategy to analyze and update products, implementing improvements and launching new products to meet the changing needs of both patients and health care professionals. Together with our employees, we create the value of the HTL-STREFA brand across the world. HTL-STREFA has two modern production facilities in Poland, as well as two sales and marketing offices based in Warsaw, Poland and Marietta, GA, USA. We look for people with a high business culture, who are open to multicultural and dynamic environment and ready for new challenges!


We opt for people who subscribe to our values:

  • commitment and engagement
  • creativity, results oriented and problem solving
  • integrity, trust and respect
  • teamwork and personnal responsibility
  • openness to different cultures

Working in a multinational environment also requires an impeccable business etiquette and familiarity with different cultures and markets. As a global leader, HTL-STREFA is looking for experts from many fields including production, quality assurance, R&D, sales, marketing, finance and HR among others.

We cherish your knowledge and your professional experience! Together we can build our future and provide safety solutions for health care professionals and patients all over the world!

Our Mission:

To consistently provide safety for medical personnel and comfort for patients across the world by leveraging our expertise, advanced technology and innovative thinking.

Job Offers

There are currently no job vacancies available.