HTL Strefa



HTL-STREFA, by promoting unique and effective solutions related to public health, focuses on business development considering the values of social, ethical and environmental responsibility.

HTL-STREFA develops its activities in a responsible and sustainable way. Sustainable development is an integral part of our activity – now and in the future. By supplying patients with innovative products, HTL-STREFA contributes to the protection of life and health.

We are aware that success of a company depends on the condition of the surroundings in which it operates, thus we aspire to maintain balance with regard to three goals: business, community, and the environment. 

Quality Policy

HTL-STREFA promotes satisfaction of its customers. The products we manufacture and the services we provide meet international quality standards by considering individual needs of customers and the requirements of a constantly and dynamically changing market.

The implemented Quality Policy and adaptation of principles of socially responsible behavior give us the competitive edge, ensure stability and contribute to the leading position of our company.


HTL-STREFA follows the principles of equal treatment and non-discrimination with regard to gender, race, origin and age. Among the employees of the company, there are both men and women of various occupying positions. The equal opportunities policy applied by HTL-STREFA is reflected in equal access of employees to promotion and remuneration, dependent on the qualifications and quality of work of employees.

Equal access to work is reflected in the uniform, official recruitment rules, clear remuneration rules, and access to the training and benefits system.

In the interest of the employed personnel, HTL-STREFA never deviates from observing the right of employees and pays particular attention to work health & safety.

Local community

HTL-STREFA undertakes activities aimed to support and promote active living in the local community. The core elements of these actions is to support the development of human resources in the region by offering employment to the local community and promoting training courses intended to adapt qualifications to the needs of the labor market. By operating in foreign markets, HTL-STREFA contributes to promoting the region and the country in the worldwide arena.

The activity of HTL-STREFA within the social aspect of sustainable development includes participation in charitable events and donating to public benefit organizations.

Customers and Suppliers

Among the main business partners of HTL-STREFA there are leading pharmaceutical corporations which operate by promoting the principles of sustainable development.

HTL-STREFA cooperates with local suppliers by undertaking activities aimed to encourage them to observe the principles of sustainable development.

Raw materials applied in production processes of HTL-STREFA are verified with regard to both their source of origin and quality.

Environmental aspects

Protection of the natural environment is a significant element of a socially responsible organization. HTL-STREFA undertakes a wide range of eco-minded actions related to:

  • the observance of valid legal standards
  • reasonable waste management based on the segregation of technological waste for their disposal or recycling.

HTL-STREFA focuses on meeting the expectations of its stakeholders: patients, doctors, employees, social partners, customers, and suppliers, by creating conditions for a bona fide dialog and long-term cooperation order to provide value for the whole society.