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GS1 Conference — Innovation Code Awards 2019

On Thursday, November 21, GS1 — an international organization based in Brussels and Princeton, which operates in 150 countries, awarded companies and organizations that had used GS1 standards (international system of standards and business solutions used to streamline operations in supply chains) to improve their efficiency.
Poland joined GS1 in 1990 and since 2018 it has been awarding companies and organizations that implement GS1 standards to enhance their operations.
This year, HTL-STREFA S.A. was selected in the group of laureates, receiving the award in the “health care” category

The award for HTL-STREFA S.A. was justified in the following way: “The award was presented for the implementation of direct automatic printing of the GS1 DataMatrix code containing Unique Device Identification (UDI) on manufactured medical devices. The solution streamlined the internal production process and improved the quality of printing, which met customers’ needs. The implementation is not only the execution of legal requirements related to labeling of medical devices, but it also enables effective and safe management of medical devices flow in health care processes.”
Michał Zaraś, Head of Medical Device Packaging Design and Labeling, commented on our company’s participation in the competition: “Implementing UDI labeling at HTL-STREFA was dictated by business and legal motives. In order to increase our share in the US market and meet customers’ expectations, we have prepared ourselves for the implementation in advance. By introducing direct printing on the packaging and its verification on the line, we have reduced the costs associated with an additional label and automated the labeling process. We are currently implementing the UDI system on the European market and finalizing its implementation in the first products group on the US market.”

“Implementing the UDI system is extremely important because it helps to identify the product in every part of the world, facilitates access to product information, speeds up the work of medical personnel and increases safety” — adds Gajane Żurawska, VP Global Product Marketing
We would like to thank GS1 for this distinction and congratulate other companies that were among the laureates of this year’s edition as well as everyone who participated in the competition.

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