HTL Strefa

HTL-STREFA in Polish nationwide project “CIUCH W RUCH”

HTL-STREFA has become part of the Polish nationwide project called CIUCH W RUCH (“Clothes on the Move”) organized by 3R Recycling Solutions (

At HTL-STREFA we have set up five containers specially designed for the project, where used clothes, shoes, bags and so on can be collected.

The clothes received will be sorted and divided into two groups – those which can be put to further use in Europe, Asia and Africa, and those in worse condition which will be recycled.

The amount received for every kilogram of clothes that we collect will go to support the Cukierkowo Foundation for children and young people with diabetes.

The CIUCH W RUCH project is based on the 3R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – which fit perfectly with the Sustainable Development Policy practised by HTL-STREFA, as well as with the aim of protecting the natural environment. By collecting unneeded second-hand clothes and enabling them to be reused, the quantity of waste littering our environment is reduced, and the profits earned from recycling can be used to support the building of a pre-school for children with diabetes, run by the Cukierkowo Foundation.