HTL Strefa

HTL-STREFA in the “Polish Economic Success” TV show

In November, HTL-STREFA was featured in the “Polish Economic Success” show. The Global Marketing Director, Gajane Żurawska, talked about our company — our business philosophy, our products and values we adhere to in our daily work.

To watch the entire show, go to: Polski Sukces Gospodarczy TVP3
There is also a transcript of the interview – below (the material starts at 00:06 min):

HTL-STREFA S.A. is a company that has operated in the medical devices industry for over 20 years, manufacturing, developing and exporting safety lancets, personal lancets and pen needles — medical equipment used in diagnostics, prevention and treatment.

We are present in over 80 countries, in the area of broadly defined medical diagnostics and medical technologies.

Our company employs top specialists, engineers and process technicians, whose expertise and experience help us in developing high-quality products.

Very high quality is our distinguishing feature on the market and it is the reason why customers choose our products.

Before a product is sold to an end user, it must pass a series of stages during its development, including the important stage at which the product has to undergo thorough technical, clinical and microbiological tests. This means that every product placed on the market must conform to all relevant requirements, directives and standards.

We are hold numerous patents and we put a very strong emphasis on innovation; we run our own R&D department, which makes every effort to ensure that our products meet the most stringent market requirements.

We continue to grow in the area of safe products, and the future plans of the company will be very strongly tied to products that improve safety and products that meet the expectations of the end users and improve user comfort in everyday life — whether relating to puncturing, injection or diagnostics, prevention and, naturally, treatment.