HTL Strefa

HTL-STREFA Product Catalogue

HTL-STREFA presents brand new Product Catalogue – a unique portfolio of all our products and activities.

HTL-STREFA is a world’s leading medical device company that develops and manufactures safety lancets, personal lancets and pen needles for insulin injection. Our modern manufacturing process and nearly 20 years of experience on the global market allows us to successfully ensure safety and convenience. We employ a continual improvement strategy to analysis and update products, implementing improvements and launching new to meet evolving needs of both patients and health care professionals. We aim to fulfill the most restrictive hygienic and sterility standards. Design of our products is defined by ergonomics, simplicity and reliability.

HTL-STREFA provides a range of products for people with diabetes and healthcare professionals, that are designed to improve diabetes management and provides safety and convenience to both patients and medical professionals.

We are aware that success of a company depends on the condition of the surroundings in which it operates, thus we aspire to maintain balance with regard to three goals: business, community, and the environment.

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