HTL Strefa

HTL-STREFA Safety Lancet ergoLance in the Good Design Competition 2016

The Good Design is a Competition for the best designed products and services on the Polish market. It is heled annually by the Institute of Industrial Design since 1993. The aim of the contest is to distinguish products and services characterized by high quality design, and to support their manufacturers and distributors.

This year our safety lancet ergoLance become one of the Good Design Competition finalist in the category “Working environment”. Work efficiency and effectiveness depend greatly on the conditions under which people work. Products of this category have to satisfy high requirements concerning operation safety and ergonomics (often regulated by codes and standards), as well as economics demands.
Below product description in Competition Catalogue:
“The device helps to comfortably and safely take a capillary blood sample for test. It provides protection of medical staff against accidentally getting injured during the procedure. (…) The device is delicate, fast and precise. The lance provides not only for efficient blood taking, but also ensures a high level of safety to the person performing the procedure and reduces the level of stress of the patient. There are three variations available, with three needle sizes, thus making the device a tool characterized by a wide spectrum of application. The product is well thought in every respect, also aesthetic one, and that is why it deserves recommendation.”

It was a great honor and privilege to became one of the finalists of The Good Design Competition.

Source: The Good Design Competition 2016 Catalogue