HTL Strefa

Medical technology market

The medical technology industry is a dynamic and essential component of the healthcare sector. Advances in technology improve medical devices to simplify the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Prevention: Sometimes, the smallest pieces of equipment offer the greatest protection for both patients and health care providers. Each day, billions of single-use lancets and needles are consumed. These small devices with features like self-destruct mechanisms protect health care professionals and patients from infections.


Diagnosis: Medical devices facilitate rapid blood diagnostic tests. Many blood diagnostic tests are possible with a simple finger prick blood sample. These quick tests provide rapid results-generally for bacterial infections. The global market for rapid medical tests is expected to significantly increase every year. It has a significant impact on safety lancets consumption.

Another rapidly developing market is heel stick devices used in newborn screening.
Heel stick devices are both safer and more convenient than traditional lancets
or blades. The market is estimated at over 100 million pieces annually depending
on birth rates and the growing awareness of benefits.

Treatment: Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that requires continuous medical care with ongoing patient self-management education and support to prevent acute complications and to reduce the risk of long-term complications. Diabetes care is complex and requires multifactorial risk reduction strategies beyond glycaemic control. A large body of evidence exists that supports a range of interventions to improve diabetes outcomes.

Blood glucose monitoring is a valuable diabetes self-monitoring tool for patients. Lancets allow diabetics to easily control their blood glucose levels. Insulin therapy is often an important part of diabetes treatment to achieve proper control and prevent the occurrence of diabetes complications. Pen needles are dedicated to insulin delivery in pen injectors.


General Market Trends: Right now, medical technology industry centers are established mainly in the US and Europe. Trends show that Asia, especially China will play a more prominent role in both the usage and development of medical devices.

This presentation is about the global impact that our success story created. HTL-STREFA, a company based in Poland, has rapidly developed into a leading manufacturer and exporter of lancing systems. This simple line of products is the answer to current challenges in contemporary medicine, especially the area of non-communicable diseases.