HTL Strefa

Polish National Diabetic Futsal Team

They meet regularly to do what they love — play ball. They put a lot of effort into staying fit and also into the constant monitoring of diabetes — Polish National Diabetic Futsal Team.

Each of them admits that they were frightened when they heard their diagnosis, some of them still bear a grudge against fate for having to tackle diabetes on a daily basis.

Each of them has their sport dreams and all of them are afraid that one day their disease, complications or an ordinary injury will prevent them from active practice.

Still, they do not stop playing, enjoy their achievements and planning the participation in competitions. As they themselves say, the right balance must be found and one must get 100% involved in what you do. They are a constant inspiration for us not to give up on our dreams.

We keep our finger crossed for their future success!

HTL-STREFA was the team’s sponsor during the European Futsal Championship of People with Diabetes — DiaEuro 2018 in Bratislava.

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