HTL Strefa

The impact of needle diameter and penetration depth of safety lancets on blood volume and pain perception in 300 volunteers: A randomized controlled trial

The aim of the study is to determine and measure the blood volume as well as level of pain of the study volunteers after being punctured with different safety lancets (varying sizes) from 20 s to 2 m.
Blood sample can be used in a number of ways: for diagnosis, to determine health condition generally and for screening. 300 subjects were punctured 4 times with different safety lancets. After each puncture their blood was collected into the capillary with the volume calculated. After the lancing, the perceived pain was recorded on VAS scale.

It was found that with increased thickness of the needle, the amount of blood sample increases too. Blood volumes obtained after puncturing with different types of safety lancets with the same needle diameter (Gauge) vary depending on the manufacturer. The level of pain in the VASt majority of cases was assessed as minimal or low.

Based on the results obtained from a group of 300 volunteers (1200 punctures) it can be concluded that all types of safety lancets are efficient and safe for both patients and medical personnel.

See full study under this link: and_pain_perception_in_300_volunteers