HTL Strefa

World Hepatitis Day 2016

Join the global effort on World Hepatitis Day to launch #NOhep and call for the elimination of viral hepatitis.
Every day, while caring for patients, more than 1,000 healthcare workers in the hospital setting are injured with a needle or other sharp device, potentially resulting in infections such hepatitis B (1 in 5) and C (1 in 50).

Sometimes, the smallest pieces of equipment offer the greatest protection for both patients and health care providers. HTL-STREFA is committed to manufacturing safety products designed to reduce and eliminate the risk of exposure to blood borne pathogens such as hepatitis B virus- or hepatitis C virus. With better awareness, prevention and understanding we can stop viral hepatitis from spreading all over the world.

Let’s join together on World Hepatitis Day to make the elimination of viral hepatitis our next greatest achievement.

HTL-STREFA – we care! we support! Join us!

source: #NOhep