HTL Strefa

Safety lancets



Safety lancets are sterile, single-use devices intended for the capillary blood sampling. Depending on the safety lancets type intended users are healthcare professionals (Heamolance Plus; Prolance; ergoLance; MediSafe Solo; Medlance Plus; Acti-Lance) and lay users (Acti-Lance; ergoLance)

They are an integral component to the sharps-injury prevention programs in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, doctor’s offices and wherever both patients and professionals need to feel safe. By using safety lancets needle-stick injuries and infections can be minimized.

Key features for HTL-STREFA safety lancets:


  • All needles are gamma-sterilized and protected with a sterility tab
  • Fully enclosed needle housing ensuring that needle is hidden before
    and after use to prevent sharps injuries
  • Self-destructing mechanism preventing reuse of the device


  • Silicone-coated, ultra-sharp needles, ideally positioned during skin penetration
  • Various, color-coded product versions to meet specific blood sample applications
    and address the variety of patient skin types
  • Wide range of designs providing simple, comfortable and secure puncture


  • Easy to handle, intuitive activation in 2 steps only with no pre-loading, for both
    push button and contact activations
  • Wide and long safety cap for easy removal – simply twist and pull to remove
    the needle cover
  • Precise designs for convenient finger positioning and ideal blood sample collection

Contact activation safety lancets:

Contact activation safety lancets have a uniquely designed construction solution which enables lancet activation by simply pushing the lancet on the finger.

  • Medlance Plus®
  • ergoLance

Push-button activation safety lancets:

Push-button activation safety lancets have a unique designed construction solution which enables lancet activation by simply pressing the activation button placed on the top of the lancet.

  • Acti-Lance®
  • Prolance®
  • Haemolance Plus®
  • MediSafe Solo®