HTL Strefa

Personal lancets

Personal lancets


Sterile, single-use personal lancets are intended to be used with a lancing device by lay users for capillary blood sampling. Pricking the fingers is an integral part of self-monitoring of blood glucose and part of everyday life for millions of people with diabetes. A little finger prick, followed by a drop of blood on the testing strip allows people to view blood glucose levels within seconds. This helps patients to identify symptoms of hypo/ hyperglycaemia and prevent diabetes long-term complications.

Key features for HTL-STREFA personal lancets:


  • Electro-polished, silicone coated needle ensures smooth penetration
    with reduced patient discomfort
  • Tri-beveled needle tip guaranties superior sharpness and adequate blood sample
  • Three sizes 28G/30G/33G to fulfil individual expectations


  • droplet® lancets are sterilized with Gamma irradiation
  • Needles are protected by the safety cap
  • All personal lancets are single-use to prevent infection


  • droplet® lancets are designed for use with the droplet® lancing devices,
    the droplet® lancet housing is universal and can be used with the most popular
    lancing device
  • Recommended for patients with different skin types